Remote Saloon

Promotional image of Boris and Elmer from The My Fathers Dragon animated movie.
My Fathers Dragon

Thanks to my webinar, and to some extent COVID, I had the opportunity to work remotely for Cartoon Saloon as part of their Moho rigged animation team. It was initially a four month contract to work on the ‘My Fathers Dragon’ feature but ended up being ten as I neatly segued into ‘Puffin Rock the Movie’.

Animated giff of Baba from Puffin Rock
Puffin Rock the Movie

My team was spread all over the world and the remote aspect worked really well. It was remarkably social but I saw no proof that any of them have legs.

My Fathers Dragon will be released on Netflix this November and Puffin Rock Easter 2023

Now I have finished, it feels really weird sitting at my desk and not being at work whileā€¦ being at work.

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