We enjoy working alongside clients to develop ideas, help write copy and refine content.

Mo has also worked closely with editors, authors and illustrators for many years, giving input to the whole creative process. Her keen interest in linguistics became evident when faced with the challenges of producing language materials at Dorling Kindersley, where she worked with Viv Lambert. Viv and Mo have since collaborated on many projects and written a number of publications together.

Whether writing stories, informational texts, activities, puzzles or craft projects, words and pictures are just different media we can use to convey creative ideas.

Story Central – Macmillan Education

Story-based English Language Teaching course for Young Learners, encouraging use of creativity, critical thinking and collaboration

Co-author and course development:
Student Book levels 1, 2, 5 and 6
Reader levels 1, 2, 5 and 6
Activity Book levels 5 and 6

Book covers for Global Stage, Macmillan Education's Primary English Language Teaching course

Global Stage – Macmillan Education

Primary-level Language and Literacy course with a strong emphasis on Thinking Skills, Social and Emotional Skills and Global Citizenship.

Co-author, consultant and course development:
Language Book level 1
Literacy Book levels 5 and 6

Share It! – Macmillan Education

Primary-level ELT course encouraging the sharing and exchanging of information to improve communication, nurture group empathy and develop a growth mindset

Student Book levels 5 and 6
Share Book levels 5 and 6

Book covers for Share It!, Macmillan Education's Primary English Language Teaching course
Puffin Picture books, teacher's resource book cover and spread design

Enjoy Teaching English with Puffin Picture Books – Puffin Books

Teachers’ resource book with puzzles, games and fun activities for use alongside picture books from the Puffin range

Co-author and designer

Who’s coming for tea? – Richmond Publishing

One of the Planet Readers series, supplementary reading material for Primary-level ELT

Co-author and designer

Who's Coming to Tea? Planet Readers book by Richmond English