Dino Scooter

A webinar for Moho animation software

Hey, I did a webinar!

Normal people would have just showed their existing work with a bit of chat. I, however, decided to create a whole new project, document it from start to finish and not throw away the rubbish idea drawings.

The process

The suggested title was ‘Creating an appealing and loop-able animation in Moho’ and my process went like this:

  1. I scribble some cartoon cats on some scrap paper.
    Cartoon cats are fun but… so are DINOSAURS!
  2. Scribble a T-Rex.
    It occurs to me that with their tiny arms and big legs they are perfectly adapted to using scooters, which would come in handy if they had to escape from falling meteors.
  3. Get all excited about the idea of meteors.
  4. Spend the next week and a half watching myself creating the animation, regretting adding the meteors and rehearsing explaining the process. Editing all that down so it fits into 45 minutes.
A scan of some idea thumbnails for the Dino scooter webinar for Moho animation
rubbish idea scribble

(Webinar tip. If you do have to buy headphones with a microphone get ones where you can hear yourself speak!)

The result

I think the meteors were worth it in the end!

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