‘This Year’s’ label design

So, here are some labels designed for ‘This Year’s’ preserves.

It’s a long story, I’ll tell you another time, but we have a walnut tree and a damson tree. My inherent dislike of waste, and love of random experimental acts of catering, led me to make damson chutney and pickled walnuts (an acquired taste, I admit, but my father-in-law loves them). We chose the name ‘This Year’s’ to reflect the cyclical and unpredictable nature of growing and harvest – and because the home-grown, small-batch production (and my inability to cook the same recipe twice) means there’s no promise of producing the same thing next year!

It’s taken me while to get this on the site, but it actually hit the shops last year, just before Christmas. So here it is – last year’s ‘THIS YEAR’S’ project, right now!


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