Viv A Lambert website

This is Viv – my good friend, co-author and long-time work colleague. You might already know her as an author and speaker in the world of Primary English Language Teaching.

Designing her website was an opportunity to celebrate Viv and her work, and for me to experiment more with designing and building in Elementor. I always relish the opportunity to create something bespoke, although it’s rare and sometimes a little bit scary to be given an open brief. But Viv has spent the past 30 years saying, ‘I will love whatever you design, Molly!’ … and, thankfully, she did.

The dress in the photo was originally worn by Viv’s mum in the 1970s, so already held much sentiment and story – something important to me when designing. Now, decades later, Viv wears it – and it’s her favourite dress! I love this explosion of floral print and it became a huge influence on the design of the site. It’s so colourful, vibrant and uplifting … just like Viv!

(I still don’t know why she calls me Molly. It’s not my name.)

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