Dragon in the mist

Fed up with sitting on treasure and, as there were no Hobbits around,
the dragon decided to take the morning off to goof around in the forest.

Over the past month or so I have been working through the GameDev.tv Blender sculpting course, using one of my own character designs.

The process was full of mistakes and re-tries, as my thin and spindly dragon design caused quite a few headaches that weren’t anticipated in the course.

To be fair, the tutorial states that the focus of the course is on sculpting and, by necessity, it skates over some of the techniques needed to get to the final posed render. That meant I had to poke around on the internet to solve some of the challenges my design created – not necessarily a bad thing from a learning point of view though!

And now in actual 3d…

I’ve uploaded it to Sketchfab, a platform for 3D and AR models (take a look, it’s fascinating!)

It was a great experience and a huge thrill to see one of my creatures come to life, especially when got a ‘staff pick’ on Sketchfab!

I must do more… once I’ve had a little lie down.

Photo Scanned rocks by Lassi Kaukonen at Sketchfab

Background HDRI from Poly Haven

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