100 daft sketchbook birds

Mo found a sale of arts and crafts tutorials on Domestica.

Obviously I was very tempted by courses for making leather handbags, shading techniques for tattoos and cookie icing but eventually I found a course by Mattias Adolfsson an artist I have followed for years. Result!
The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art

Most of my sketchbooks are more like notebooks with half finished ideas and unfocused sketches drawn on top of each other. Often I just end up drawing on bits of scrap paper as real sketchbooks are a bit too threatening for my liking.

Messy sketchbook page featuring a cartoon cat
A usual sketchbook page.

Mattias’ sketchbooks are great fun and look like little art books so the course was just what the doctor ordered!

One of the first exercises was to draw some of my art supplies so here they are.

Still life with cat fur.

We had a trip away to visit family so I took a tiny pocket sketchbook, a couple of pens and water colour pencils and immediately veered off the course.

I had watched all the videos (honest!) so I decided to:

  1. Start drawing with no real idea as to how it’s going to come out. Enjoy the journey surprise myself
  2. finish the doodles even if they are rubbish.
  3. Have fun. The dafter the better.
  4. ABSOLUTELY no drawings on top of each other!

Once I got started I hit on the idea of drawing birds (because they are easy) which turned out to be so relaxing I ended up doing 100 of them.

Sketchbooks don’t look quite so threatening now… well, the tiny ones anyway.

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