The long of it

If you happen to be wander through the Gatwick airport family security area you won’t be able to avoid seeing  this. It’s a 27m long mural based on the characters and scenes from 6 minutes of looping ‘child distraction’ animation I created for the same project.
I spent ages with a household paintbrush (and roller for the big bits) while thousands of people went on holiday. I must have gone through 4 or five tins of emulsion and easily the same in biscuits… really!

Just kidding. It was actually done on computer in the comfort of our studio. Use the controls in the image above to navigate.

Interesting fact – I was not allowed to draw cows flying aircraft but rabbits, ducks, aliens, foxes, pigeons, cats and dogs were all perfectly acceptable.



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  1. I love it! Pity I’m not going anywhere interesting so won’t be able to see it ‘in the flesh’ …. well done, you!

    1. Thanks Cheryl. That’s one of Dave’s jobs from last year. Cute animals in spaceships and planes – right up his street!

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