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Grumpy troll illustration

Guard Duty Animation

I was asked by Lost Marble, the makers of Moho animation software, to create a webinar about animating bitmaps using two of my favourite softwares

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Peace Boat

Happy Greenpeace Day! For too many years @squeakypics and I endured the looks of pity from supermarket cashiers as we packed groceries into our

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Cartoon T-Rex rigged in Moho

Dino Scooter

A webinar for Moho animation software Hey, I did a webinar! Normal people would have just showed their existing work with a bit of chat.

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year of the rat animation still

Happy New Year of the Rat!

You’re never more than 6 feet away from a rat in London! Apparently, that’s not actually true, but it’s sensational enough to be memorable. Rats

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Happy New Year of the Pig!

Pigs have a reputation for gluttony but, apparently, this is undeserved as they only eat until they’re full. Being from a culture that greets each

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